Reshaping Recycling

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It's time to rethink and reshape plastic recycling. for Recelerate.
to accelerate the journey to plastic circularity.

Recelerate connects critical partners
in the plastic value chain. Closing the gap,
to open up a bigger future of circular plastic.

About us

We combine the strengths of two major players in international circular economy.

Bringing together the best of Reclay & Borealis know-how, the Joint Venture Recelerate enables plastic recycling to reach its full potential. This makes us your first choice partner when it comes to managing lightweight packaging (LWP) waste and gaining access to high-quality recycled material.

Photo (FLTR): Christian Abl, Dr. Fritz Flanderka (Reclay), Lucrèce Foufopoulos (Borealis),
Raffael A. Fruscio (Reclay), Chris McArdle (Borealis).

What we do


Recelerate is the force to rethink how LWP waste is managed, sorted, processed, and recycled.

plastic recycling

To meet the increasing demand for more recycled plastic materials in packaging, we will provide higher volumes of LWP waste in collection and recycling.

Circular Economy

Recelerate is the new smart link in the plastic value chain, combining downstream lightweight packaging (LWP) recycling know-how and upstream recycler scale and innovation.



Waste pollution and resource scarcity are among the most urgent challenges for our planet. We are aware that it’s time to see plastic waste as a mine for new materials, and that it’s time for making recycled materials happen faster, more efficiently and in greater volumes.

System thinking

To face those challenges it needs a conceptual approach. We are a system-thinker and designer; we take a macro view to identify opportunities to add value and invest where it matters, to ensure more and more LWP plastic waste is collected, sorted, and recycled into new plastic materials.

Accelerating Action

Time is of the essence. We need to act now and we need to act efficiently. We are designing a scalable, efficiency-raising model that closes the loop, sooner.


We know that there are people, businesses and communities around the world, who have the knowledge, expertise and will to make a circular future reality. We combine forces to connect critical partners in the plastic value chain; closing the gap, to open up a bigger future of circular plastic.

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It's time to see plastic waste as a mine for new materials.for recycled materials happen faster.for recycled materials happen more efficiently.for recycled materials happen in greater connect waste management and recycler.

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